St. Patrick Church Website Template

The St. Patrick church website template is small, clean and fast loading but it covers all of the basic needs of a church website.  Also when you go to the website, check out how the page loads.   There are different animation variations for the different parts of the page which gives it a uniqueness.

This website template does not require a lot of upkeep.  The image doesn’t rotate so there is no need to change out images.  We can put a picture of your church or any other image that you may want. The site does have what is needed by someone interested in visiting. The animation shows some advance technology, the clean background makes the text easy to read and the different areas are quick to be noticed.  It does have the ability to have many different pages full of information if necessary.

Rather than a media menu item, the calendar is placed on the main menu for quick access.  There is also a current events module on the home page with upcoming events, a large shortcut to the newsletter page and the FAQ area for answering visitor questions quickly.  The address and phone number are prominently displayed in many different areas.

St. Patrick is fully responsive so it looks good on what ever device is used to view it. Go to the link with your tablet or smartphone and see how it displays.  The top menu changes as you scroll down giving the user more viewable area for reading.  The horizontal module layout becomes stacked on smaller screens but look very natural.  We can add as many pages as we want since the menus are easy to navigate.