St. Amelia Church Website Template

The St. Amelia church website template was built using the popular WordPress content management system. The site looks a lot bigger than it really is.  It has all of the necessary features; it is attractive and it is easy to maintain. It has a full featured image slider that stretches the entire width of the screen. The sliders can have links to pages or other websites if desired. Special event images can be created and inserted into the slider with a link to an information page.  These event images can be easily added or removed when the event is over.

There are three quick access modules below the slider that are pointed to the pages on the church website that you feel are the most important for visitors to see.  Mousing over their icons causes them to respond with a larger shape which is kept once the page has been visited.  The pages can be accessed by clicking the icon or “Read More” button.

With St. Amelia you can decide what three important items show in the gray footer area which is easily reached without having to click or go to a page.  A strong swipe on a touch screen tablet, laptop or phone will take the user to the bottom quickly.

A contact link and online giving link are in the main menu as well as at the very bottom. As with the other templates, the different modules (sections) can be changed out with more relevant information as each different church may need. Your Google Calendar or other proprietary online calendar can be used instead of the installed calendar if requested however this calendar plugin is very full featured and does present well.

It is fully responsive so it looks good on what ever device is used to view it. Go to the link with your tablet or smartphone and see how it displays.  The top menu changes as you scroll down giving the user more viewable area for reading.  The horizontal module layout becomes stacked on smaller screens but look very natural.  We can add as many pages as we want since the menus are easy to navigate.